Delivering Christmas Kindness

Basket Brigade is an annual charity event in Norwich, inspired by Anthony Robbins; delivering unconditional kindness in the form of food hampers.

It is a global initiative that has been running for over 30 years and feeds around three million people worldwide every Christmas.

Join our amazing team this year ​and bring joy to those having a tough time in Norfolk.

“There are two things humans need in life in order to feel fulfilled: to make progress and to give back. These two actions help you find fulfillment and a true sense of purpose.”

Anthony Robbins

Donating To Norwich Basket Brigade


Norwich Basket Brigade relies entirely on donations from members of the public, businesses and fundraising from events, such as tickets sold at Yes Group Norwich. We need to raise enough money every year and gain sponsorship to cover all items which go into the baskets.

We need:

  • Donations of money to help us buy the items for the baskets
  • People to fundraise for us so we can make a difference
  • Companies to sponsor our initiative

​It costs £20 to feed a family of four. Even a gift of £5 helps. We can promise you your money will go a long way and your donation will certainly make a family smile this Christmas. Make someone’s day!