Delivering Christmas Kindness

Basket Brigade is an annual charity event in Norwich, inspired by Anthony Robbins; delivering unconditional kindness in the form of food hampers.

It is a global initiative that has been running for over 30 years and feeds around three million people worldwide every Christmas.

Join our amazing team this year ​and bring joy to those having a tough time in Norfolk.

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

Anthony Robbins

Nominating Someone For A Basket​

Nominate someone to receive a basket who has had a tough year (financially, physically or emotionally) and would benefit from knowing that a stranger is thinking of them. Nominees can be individuals or families. All we need to know is that there is a valid reason why they deserve to be nominated.

Please read before nominating someone:

  • All nominated people should live within the county of Norfolk.
  • The person or family must not know they have been nominated or who nominated them. The whole initiative is based on anonymity which gives complete unconditional kindness and makes it more of a special gift to receive.
  • A nomination does not guarantee that they will receive a basket. First time nominations will be prioritised. We will consider previous repeat nominations but they will be placed on a reserve list.
  • Please don’t nominate someone if you know they have been nominated for a similar basket/hamper scheme, otherwise they may end up with multiple hampers thus depriving others and wasting food.
  • Please only nominate genuine recipients. If we believe the nomination system is being abused we reserve the right to remove nominations.
  • There are options for vegetarian or vegan baskets.​

Norwich Basket Brigade volunteers make and deliver all food baskets on 23rd December. If you would like to help, see the volunteer page.

The button below is active from 24th September until 2nd December. Thank you for spreading kindness.